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What I Do Not Hate On Linkedin

Last week we posted about what we hated on Linkedin and this week we would like to share a list of things we do not hate on Linkedin.

Want To Know Something About Me?

I am always banging on about people buying people - in this article I tell you more about me... stuff you never knew you needed to know! (and probably didn't need to know.

The Biggest Fail Of Email Marketing

I would like to start by saying that this is in my own, personal opinion the biggest email marketing fail and possibly one of the most annoying things that I have come across too.

Which Online Services Influence Purchases?

Want to know where you should be present online to help influence purchases from your target audience? This blog post should help.

What I Hate On Linkedin

Here is a list of things I hate to see on Linkedin; it's well worth a read as your connections and target audience probably hate it too.

Light Project Peterborough - 1st Month Update

An update on how far we have come but also a request for your wellies.

What To Keep In Mind When Blogging For Business

We recommend you write a new blog post and upload it to your website weekly; here at Creative Content Company we upload a new blog post every other day because we have lots to talk about.

Linkedin Sob Story Then Sales Pitch

Is Linkedin the place for your sob story or is it better left for the X Factor?

See You At The Biscuit

We're going to The Peterborough Biscuit Business Event; are you?

Your Business Needs To Be Actively Online

We are always talking about the importance of businesses being on social media; here is another blog post to explain why.

What To Do During A Quiet January

Sometimes the year can start relatively quiet for businesses; don't twiddle your thumbs waiting - get preparing!

2018 Social Media Refresh

With a New Year upon us, there may be lots to do - but don't forget to refresh your social media!

Blog Post Ideas For Universities

We love brainstorming blog post ideas and we think we could come up with blog post ideas for any industry, business or sector; this month we chose university blog post ideas.

What To Post on Social Media In January

A selection of ideas you can post on your social media business accounts in January.

What Would Santa Do On Social Media?

If you're still unsure of which social media platforms are out there and what you should do on each - have a look at what Santa does!

If It Sounds Too Good To Be True...

Today I am feeling ridiculously overwhelmed but there are just some things in life that are completely unexpected!

Light Project Peterborough - Week 2 Update

Having received the first Light Project Peterborough update for the project I would like to share the following with you;

I'm A Winner... Finally

November was an eventful month with some ups and downs; I was a finalist for 8 awards at three different awards ceremonies...


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