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What To Do With A Testimonial

Awesome news, you've got a client testimonial - but what can you do with it?

We Need Volunteers - Light Project Peterborough

Can you volunteer to help Light Project Peterborough and the homeless in our community?

What Is Your Networking Pitch?

If you've got a networking event coming up and you're not sure what to say in your pitch, this blog post may have some ideas for you.

What My Grandparents Think I Do

What do your grandparents think you do for a living? This is what mine think I do...

What To Do With Your Blog Post

Want to know what a blog post is, what to do with a blog post, what we need to write your blog post or why you need a blog post? Then read this blog!

What We Can Do For Chamber Of Commerce Members

Are you a Chamber of Commerce member but you haven't got the time to make the most out of your membership? We can help!

A Digital Company That Loves Post

When you hear the drop of post through your letterbox are you filled with excitement?

How Blogging Helps Your Sales Team

We've spoken about the SEO benefits of blogging, how blogging works for your marketing team and now we want to tell you how blogging helps your sales team.

Things To Post On Social Media In November Part Two

This is part two of a list of ideas and ways you can use the ideas to up the engagement and interaction on your social media pages.

Your Blog Needs To Be Hosted On Your Website

If you're not sure if you should have a blogging site and a company website then this blog post will tell you all.

Can Blogging Help Your Marketing Team?

In this blog post we talk about how blogging helps your marketing team - and why you should be blogging as a business.

Things To Post On Social Media In November - Early November

We have put together a list of ideas of things you can share on your social media during early November to keep your online presence active and your audience engaged.

Can You Help The Garden House Project?

Can you support The Garden House Project in any way?

Open Day For Connect Business Networking Peterborough

My favourite networking group in Peterborough are celebrating their 1st birthday; and they'd like you to join them too at an Open Day!

A Testimonial - By Poem

Last month we had the second of our 3 events to help us with #Celebrating5Years - we were very impressed with this testimonial / poem by a client!

Want To Learn About Blogging?

We are running some blogging seminars and blogging workshops in Peterborough; more details can be found here.

Are You A 'Safe Local' Member?

If you're a member of Safe Local Services or Safe Local Trades and you want a blog to shout about it, then let us know!

How Do Business Blogs Spur Eccomerce Growth?

If you are looking for eccomerce growth then you might want to consider blogging; and this blog post will tell you why!


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