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Can Creative Networking Work For You?

Creative Networking was launched in June of this year; it was launched as a way for local businesses of all sizes to meet other, likeminded people. Having networked in Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas we felt that good quality breakfast networking groups were few and far between so we took the best bits of all the groups and put them together to create Creative Networking.

We don’t charge membership fees and we don’t do industry lock-ins as we want everyone to be welcome as this is where collaboration can be done. No two companies are exactly the same so companies can work together to offer the best for their companies.

Creative Networking breakfast events offer loads of networking in one. It has informal networking, table networking and one to one networking so our breakfast networking events can be enjoyed by all.
On top of this we have 20-30minute presentations from some of the best Guest Speakers in the area, talking about things that help the people attending the event and the business that they are representing. On top of that, you get breakfast too.

We also have Creative Networking lunchtime events; this is 30minutes of table networking and then ‘slowed-down’ speed networking where you have ten minutes with each person, getting to know the person behind the company. Here at Creative Content Company we feel that people sell to people, this is why our networking allows people to get to know people.

So, could Creative Networking work for you?

• Do you eat lunch or breakfast?
• Would you like to meet local businesses?
• Want to expand your potential customers?
• Fancy getting your brand out there?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, or even all of the above questions then Creative Networking can work for you. Have a look at our Upcoming Events to see when our next Creative Networking event is and who the guest speaker is. If you would like to know who else is going then have a chat on Twitter using #CreativeNetworking

Posted by Hazel Cottrell | 10th November, 2014 | Creative Networking

Can Creative Networking Work For You? 

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