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Posted by Hazel Cottrell|9th February, 2015 | Content Writing Tips  


Colourful Content Writing

Colourful Content Writing

Content writing doesn’t need to be boring – it can be fun. In this article we have put together some of the pointers that we use to make our content writing colourful and fun. We are sharing it with you so you can make your content writing colourful and fun too! 


Go In Strong

Imagine you were having a party you would want lots of people to come, lots of likeminded people. It’s the same with a blog post, you want lots of likeminded people to come and read it so you want to tantalise and tease with the title so they come in their troves!












It’s Not All About You

Using the party example, if you’re going to a party and you just talk about yourself nobody will be interested. When blogging or creating other website content don’t just talk about you, your business and your product – instead talk about how the product can help the reader and why they need it.

Get Them Agreeing

Ask a question or make a statement that has the reader nodding in agreement, that way they’ll be more than happy to jump on and go for the ride with you, reading your blog til the end and maybe share the blog post with friends to get them to come on the journey with you both?

Hey Buddy

If you’re struggling to get those creative juices flowing write like your writing to a friend, this way your personal flair will come out and this is what the reader will be attracted to. Start typing the way you would be talking to a friend or buddy.

Be You

There is only one ‘you’ and ‘you’ are it, so get the ‘you’ across in your content writing, your voice and thoughts are as unique as your fingerprints so use them to build up relationships with the reader of your content.

Don’t Speak Alien

Be human, techno crap is not cool and can turn many people off. Make things simple for the reader to understand without making it obvious that you are dumbing it down. In situations like this it can be better to outsource to a content writer who is ‘Joe Public’ to your industry and therefore can write in a style that ‘Joe Public’ understands.



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