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Posted by Ian Bridgestock  | 2nd December, 2015 | SEO Content

Google Algorithm - Keywords On Page

Google Algorithm - Keywords On Page





One important part to note in the Google Algorithms are the keywords on the page – this isn’t just putting the keywords in the title tags (which is super important), but they also need to be in the website page content too, to help you gain that extra Google love.






































































This may of course sound like common sense, and we really think it is – but for some content writers, or those writing content for their website, it’s just something that isn’t considered and easy ‘Google love points’ are lost in a way that can be so easily gained.


By including the keywords of the services or products your company sells you are telling Google what you do, that this page exists and why the page exists. Google will then see the keywords in the content and direct traffic to that page if it deems it to be a suitable page that will answer the query the person puts into the search engine.


Over the years Google has become much smarter as a robot and although it does not yet have the mind of a human it can understand the context of the page so you can gain extra traffic and Google love by including keyword variations too.


For example, if we were talking about outsourcing content we could also use, outsource your content, outsourcing your content, outsource your content writing, outsourcing your content writing, website content writing and such like. The idea is that you look at other variations of your keyword that your target audience may use when they are looking for your product or service.


It’s important to remember that there is no wizardry to SEO; instead you just need to be thinking about who will be reading the website content. Of course the Google robots will be reading it and sending visitors to your website but if these readers don’t like what they are reading they won’t stay on the website or purchase from you.


Try and keep the visitor experience in mind at all times, for a website that both Google and your visitors love.
















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