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Posted by Hazel Cottrell| 12th March, 2016 | Community Blog

VisionShift Part Two

VisionShift Part Two


Last year we took over 60 business people to Peterborough Prison to meet over 200 male and female prisoners. The event was run as a speed networking style for prisoners to understand to opportunities that could be available to them on release, different careers they may not have considered and to shift the vision of the prisoner and the business – things are not always as you expect.








































































The event was really successful but at the same time it was really hard work for everyone. There was a lot of talking, a lot of noise, a lot of excitement and a lot of engagement. It was the first time an event of this sort had ever been organised and the test went extremely well – so we are now prepping for VisionShift Part Two.


This event will be run slightly differently and for those that have not attended before I will start from the beginning.


On the male side we will run the event as it was done before, it will be done like speed networking giving each prisoner and person in business 4 minutes together before moving onto the next person. The business person will get the time to explain what they do, the qualifications they have, how they got into their role and such like. We encourage people of all businesses and backgrounds to help us out at this half day event and if we could get more than 60 businesses like last year we would be over the moon. It will be a half day event.


One a separate day we will be going to the female side, from before we learnt that the female prisoners did not work well on a one-to-one basis in this kind of setting, yet they took well to the life coaches, mentors and motivators. If you are a mentor or life coach or even if you have a motivational or inspirational story then we would love you at this event.  The female prisoners will split into groups of no more than ten and join your 15-20 minute presentation. Ideally each female prisoner will attend three of the talks with the life coaches or mentors and this will help them go forward and be inspired.


The details will follow soon, but if it is something you think you’d be interested in then please drop me a line – we would love to have you on board!
















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