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Posted by Ian Bridgestock|26th June, 2015 | Blogging Workshop

What Is Blog Brainstorming?

What is Blog Brainstorming?



We recently wrote a blog post about a recent Blog Brainstorming session that Hazel ran with Ignite Peterborough, an organisation that helps entrepreneurs between 18 and 30 years old set up their business with financial and legal help and reduced rent for office space. Since this blog post we have had many people asking us what Blog Brainstorming is.



























Blog Brainstorming is ideal for many business owners who do not have blogging experience, they may not have had to write blog posts before but they are keen to give blogging a go. However, there is something holding them back – they don’t know what to blog about. When we tell them that they need to write blog posts of over 300 words at least once a week they have a look of fear that makes me feel sick to the gut.


Many of the business owners I speak to can write blog posts for their own websites themselves, they just need a little bit of help to get started and that is where Blog Brainstorming comes in, Blog Brainstorming gives them the inspiration and ideas they need to get blogging.


Blog Brainstorming can be done in a group or on a one-to-one basis; it is literally a case of discussing out loud the sorts of blog posts the business owner can write. A business owner is often so far into their business that they cannot think about what their target audience will want to read about so by speaking to someone outside their business they can get new inspiration and ideas of blog posts that they can write.


Here at Creative Content Company we don’t want to write blog posts for clients that can do it themselves so we have set up Blog Brainstorming Workshops in Peterborough allowing up to ten businesses to come together and discuss different blog post ideas.


We can tell you what to write about but then you’ll just have those ideas, so instead we do blog brainstorming which inspires you to come up with your own blog post ideas. By getting a group of up to ten businesses together we can all come up with ideas and be inspired by each other.


We hope to see you at a Blog Brainstorming session soon.

















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