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How Can Google Analytics Help You Write Blog Posts? - Creative Content Company

Posted by Hazel Cottrell | October 30, 2013 | Blogging Tips, SEO Tips

In this article I discuss how your Google Analytics can help you decide what blog posts / topics to write about.

When I am content writing for businesses I will often go onto their Google Analytics and I can see the search terms that they are found for, sometimes they will have numerous searches for things like “Where can I go for a drink in Peterborough” – this is something the company may have had 25 searches for but they don’t have anything that talks about it on their site, so then I would write a blog post with this title and talk about this place as a brilliant place to get a drink in Peterborough – as I currently work at The Beehive, that will be the place that I recommend.

However you may find that 64 people have asked where they can get gluten free food (for example) from in Peterborough. Out of these 64 people 63 have bounced straight back off of your site as they cannot see that you offer gluten free food so you can either dedicate a page to this, or just write a blog post that explains you are able to change the meals you have to meet dietary requirements – make sure you use the words Gluten-free food in your post and add this as a keyword and a tag.

Overtime Google will direct people asking that question to your blog post and hopefully the 63 people that originally bounced straight off will see that you help with their dietary requirements and then they will all come to you for their meal.

It is highly recommended that you look at the search terms you are found for and see how you can make these into blog posts.

It is often the case that you are unable to find the time to look through this information and find time to write the articles so you could bring in the services of an affordable content writer.

We can go through your Google analytics together if you find the charts and graphs confusing.

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