Posted by Hazel Cottrell | May 07, 2014

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Here are Creative Content Company we are not just here to sell our services to businesses, of course we love getting new clients and we are always on the look-out for more businesses we can sell our services too BUT we also really want to help our clients.

This is why we have created #CreativeNetworking – there are lots of networking events out there for businesses but they can be expensive with membership fees and they also do an ‘Industry Lock In’ which means only one business from each industry can attend, this means similar businesses are not given the chance to collaborate with each other.

Our Director, Hazel, set up #CreativeNetworking because there was a gap in the market. As a small, start up business she didn’t have unlimited funds to attend networking events and she was meeting other small businesses in the same boat, from this #CreativeNetworking was born.

We offer one breakfast networking event every other Thursday; this allows up to 35 attendees and had a really successful launch with other 27 businesses coming along to see what it was all about. The event involves informal networking, followed by a 60 second pitch from every attendee so you can find out what everyone else does. Breakfast is then served in a buffet style with cooked and continental breakfast included in the attendance price of £12, table networking takes place over breakfast and then we have a guest speaker that offers business help and advice. This is followed by one-to-one networking with another person in the room, chosen at random. Before the breakfast networking event ends we pass thanks, referrals or recommendations to others in the room.

We have also started a lunchtime networking event in the city centre, this event offers an unlimited lunch buffet of pizza, pastas and salad. The lunch networking is done in a speed networking format, all attendees are sat opposite another and they get ten minutes to chat to each other about business before moving on to the next person. Speed networking is a really good way of getting to know people on a more personal basis.

Here at Creative Content Company we believe that people buy people, you can buy a product or service from numerous companies but if you don’t like the person you are dealing with you will buy from someone else. This is why we feel that #CreativeNetworking works.

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