Creative Networking has been set up as a place for local people in business to meet, network and learn together. The event is a chance for people to get to know each other so they can understand and help each others businesses – at Creative Content Company we believe people sell to people and this is why we set up Creative Networking!

Each event starts from 7.30am when people arrive, grab a coffee and engage. At 8am we take our seats and talk about our business for up to 60 seconds. Then you can grab your breakfast (unlimited buffet of traditional and continental breakfast treats) and the table networking begins.

After the breakfast we invite our guest speaker to talk for 20-30mins, this week we have Nick Smith, The Achievement Coach;

“There are worthwhile goals of great meaning and importance, and there are goals that are neither meaningful nor important.

The people who do achieve are generally the ones that achieve over and over again.

I will show you the key basic ingredients required in helping you to achieve successful goals and you can join in too.
Everyone will receive a very simple 8 question, tick box questionnaire to complete and which you can keep. No one will see your results, only you. This questionnaire has been trialled by 72000 people since 1994 and is valuable and simple tool to use.

I will then explain what you should be looking for and what you can do to improve your chances of achieving success, with every goal you have now and in the future.”

Why not book your place now?

Once you’ve booked feel free to network with other attendees via Twitter using #CreativeNetworking

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Posted by Hazel Cottrell | August 04, 2014

Creative Networking - The Goal, A Will and The Way - Creative Content Company

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