Hazel Cottrell – AKA: Founder & Owner

Here at Creative Content Company we feel that when it comes to business people sell to people so why wouldn’t we want to show you who we are? This page gives you the chance to meet the whole team from Creative Content Company;

Hazel set up Creative Content Company in September 2013 and has never looked back. With a background in content writing, social media, SEO and customer service she is the right person to direct this ship and all its clients to the island of success. Hazel loves bowling, the cinema, catching up with friends and networking with like-minded people.

Hazel Cottrell
Founder & Owner



Some Clients We Have Worked With

Angela Jupe – AKA: Admin Lady

Angela is the lady that keeps us all organised, without Angie in the earlier days of Creative Content Company, the business would not be the success it is today. Angela is a grandmother of 2 girls and 2 boys and loves spending time with her gorgeous grandchildren whenever she can. Angela is the lady that makes sure all our paperwork is up to date.

Lauren Purser – AKA: Print & Design Pro

Whether you need some pens printing, leaflets designing or you want a price for business cards, we would always recommend Lauren of So Brand Creative. She can professionally, affordably and efficiently complete design and / or print work of all shapes and sizes. Let us know if you would like her details.

Grandma & Grampy – AKA: The People We Are Doing It All For

These are the grandparents of Hazel, she is extremely close to them and the company was originally set up to make them proud. For the first year of Creative Content Company, Hazels’ grandparents had no idea what Hazel was up to. Hazels’ grandparents have been a constant rock of support, love and care and Hazel would not be the person she is today had it not have been for their influence on her life.


This photo is from the 3rd Anniversary of Creative Content Company

Our Partners:

Why We're Doing It:

Katie Hart – AKA: The Lady In The Know About Gender Marketing

Katie Hart is our office-buddy from April 2016, she runs a company called Rhetonic that helps businesses understand how they can market to different genders. No more is the same sales technique used for all sexes but if you are looking to gain new clients in either sex then Katie is the lady that you need to speak to!

The Creative Content Company Team:

Zara Imrie – AKA: Paid Advertising Expert

Zara sets up, manages and maintains our clients paid advertising campaigns and helps them really achieve more with the online presence of their business. Hazel and Zara met at various networking events and found they worked well together so Zara joined Creative Content Company to help our clients with a service we didn't previously offer. Zara loves travelling and visiting new places around the world in her spare time.

Zara Imrie


Angela Jupe


Eppie Anderson – AKA: Wordpress Wonderwoman

Eppie works with our clients that have WordPress websites, she is literally a WordPress wonderwoman and can create wonderful things for your business with WordPress. If you need a fresh WordPress website or want your WordPress Website to work better for you then please do drop us a line and Eppie would be glad to help with whatever you need. Eppie is close to her family and enjoys meeting new and like-minded people through networking.

Ann Hovell – AKA: Creative Networking Champion

Ann really is the Champion of Creative Networking, she is the lady that greets all our attendees to Creative Networking Events in Peterborough, signing them in and getting them a drink before introducing them to other attendees and networkers. Ann does this on a voluntary basis and we don't know where we would be without her. She also makes us smell great - but I will let her tell you more about that.

Eppie Anderson


Ann Hovell


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