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I have just posted this in a Facebook business networking page and as I was writing it, it dawned on me that I would actually like it to help more than the people in that group, but I want start-up businesses all over the UK and even the rest of the world to see it and hopefully it will help them too!

“When someone tells you that you can’t do something you sure as hell can if you really want to, and you really put your mind to it!!!

Six full months into business and I am ‘over the bloody moon’ to confirm that I have doubled the work (and money invoiced) this month to last month. Bearing in mind last month WAS the best month to date this is the best thing ever!!!

Starting up on your own can be really hard, I know this! It can be hard to get motivated when things aren’t going to plan and when a client says no to you that’s like a massive slap in the face.

I’ve been through that and I know it’s hard – but here I am, 6 months into business, on a (very) liveable income and I want to help others do the same with a little bit of advice.

If you have just started out in business I hope this will help you!

* Surround yourself with people that encourage, support and motivate you.

* The 5 people you spend the most time with will be the people that you are most like so find focused, motivated and interesting people.

* Go networking! Not only is this a great way to meet new potential leads but with the smaller groups (like Peterborough does Business, Link 4 Growth and St Neots Business Coffee Morning) you will find you are not alone and you will find people you can turn to for advice, who are in the same boat as you or they have been before!

* Give yourself a break, if things don’t go quite right don’t beat yourself up about it

* When a client turns you down / declines your offer move on. I was turned down for the first time last month and it was horrendous. That day I was already booked onto two networking events and it was great to be supported by people who had been through that themselves. I got back on the horse and carried on riding – look at me now!

These are just a few bits of advice that have helped me get where I am now. I know it can be hard at times and if you ever want meet for a coffee and talk out your problems I am happy to be there “

Now – I have to go, I’ve got some jumping around the house to do followed by some excited screaming!

PLEASE SHARE this with other start-up businesses that may need that little bit of support, as a start up business we are all in this together and we can each other!

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Posted by Hazel Cottrell | March 27, 2014 | General News

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